Additional Services

Company secretarial

Our highly experienced company secretarial service team will provide advice throughout the business lifecycle, from forming the company to managing and reaching compliance milestones.

You may be looking for a helping hand for busy periods, or interim support to cover the role of Company Secretary over a period of leave.

Keeping up with statutory compliance benefits companies with improved performance, better control and reduced risks. Whatever you are looking for, Howards has the right solution for you.

Status & CIS protection

To protect the reputation and financial security of your business, you must comply to the rules set out by HMRC.

Even the smallest mistake can lead to a loss of gross status which can be extremely hard to regain.

Our status and CIS protection team can assist and work with you to provide consultancy and insured solutions to safeguard your business and protect your commercial relationships.

Tax enquiry insurance

Whether it is individual tax, business returns or VAT, HMRC is getting tougher with penalties for non-compliance.

Enquiries and resultant investigations are also becoming more frequent and pose risk and disruption to you, or your business.

Tax enquiry insurance meets the cost of any legal expenses. Find out more about how Tax investigation insurance works.

Capital allowances

You are busily filling in your business tax return, doing fine with the income and the expenses, but suddenly you are brought to a grinding halt in confusion.

Capital allowances, what are they all about?

Let Howards support and help you with the basics.

Research & development tax credits

We have assisted limited company clients in accessing R&D tax credits reliefs, let Howards help you maximise this area for you.

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