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To say that Covid-19 is providing a serious challenge to business is an understatement. We are working with organisations of all shapes and sizes to build business resilience in Covid-19. It goes without saying that we appreciate the difficulties that the local community is experiencing.


Supporting our clients’ business resilience in Covid-19

As clients get to grips with a myriad of government initiatives their needs have changed considerably. Our response is to support them by delivering added value. That’s why we’re investing in a multi-discipline offering. In this way, we aim to help people ride out the pandemic. More importantly, we want to help create businesses that are resilient over the long term.


Delivering results

To date we’ve raised £4.5 million for 30 clients through Bounce Back and CBILS loans claims. Our team has secured furlough support for 91 per cent of clients. The self-employed haven’t missed out, as we’ve helped with SEISS grants applications, too.


Adding value

SMEs look to keep costs down. Understandably, they don’t tend to employ in-house HR specialists or payroll experts. This is where we come in. Maximising strong partnerships with established IFAs, pension providers, tax specialists, solicitors and IT consultants we aim to provide key services at a sensible price.  


Portfolio of services

Pension auto-enrolment, cloud accounting, payroll services and book-keeping are in demand. Clients also want tax and strategic planning guidance and corporate finance. By working with us businesses can tap into a wide range of support to build business resilience in Covid-19. Generally, due to their size, they can’t access these services cost-effectively – if at all – on their own.


IT Investment

With clients relying on us more in the current climate, we’ve had to step up. In this regard, IT has been crucial. It’s at the heart of our portfolio of added-value services. Robust IT is also essential for cloud accounting and MTD compliance. So, last year we invested £180,000 in a site-wide connected mobility solution with enterprise-class security. Crucially, this system was implemented well in advance to ensure our own business resilience in Covid-19. It’s meant we’ve been fully operational despite the challenges of this year’s pandemic.


Staff development

To ensure integrity and drive up standards we reinvest our reserves. The development of our team is a top priority. Right now we’re investing around £80,000 annually in professional training and development. Our staff are knowledgeable, experienced and dedicated. This means Howards is a nimble business. We can adapt to changing situations. We’re ready to support clients whatever their needs.


Client satisfaction

Essentially, what businesses want is a solution. They want it quickly and from a partner they can trust. We’re proud of our 99% client retention rate. It’s also encouraging that more local businesses are keen to work with us. Building strong relationships is key to achieving business resilience. That’s why satisfaction with our quality of service and delivery – currently 98% – is so important to us.


Find out more about how we add value and improve your business resilience in Covid-19. Call us today on 01785 243276.

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