Corporate Finance

Business planning & forecasts

Identifying your business goals and making them happen.

Business planning is essential if you are to maximise the profit potential of your business and Howards can help you develop clear objectives for your business that build on your strengths.

We will then present all the options available to you and help you plan the best course of action measured against performance and profitability.

From marketing, operations, human resources and finance, we could be unlocking your business’s true potential and giving you greater control over your future.

Raising corporate finance

Whether starting up or expanding, choosing the right finance is imperative to maintaining a healthy business and achieving your goals.

Badly structured or inadequate financing can lead to business failure so it’s a good idea to work with experts in the field. We can review your position and give you objective advice on how to effectively fund your project or business.

We have long-established contacts with many financiers including all the major banks, as well as independent finance houses, and can assist in seeking alternative sources such as government schemes.

We are equally happy working with your existing bankers or introducing new financiers.

Business valuations

At some point, in any business, an owner will consider stepping aside. You might be thinking of selling and retiring or moving on to a new challenge.

We work with you to plan ahead of your exit date and advise on market value and the timing of the eventual sale to ensure tax liabilities are mitigated as much as possible.

Our experienced team can answer the typical questions that arise from a decision to sell. How do you know how much to sell it for? Do you base your price on the amount of profit your business produces every year? Do you consider future projections? What will it be worth next year?

At Howards, we can continue to advise you after the sale on your retirement options or the best way to start up your new venture. We’re with you all the way.

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