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ACCA wants to raise the bar. To equip students, affiliates and members with the right skills. To help them master ethics and competences. So they can add value. And drive businesses forward. That’s why the accountancy industry body developed the ACCA Approved Employer Programme. Fundamentally, it recognises high standards of staff training and development.  


Employers’ key role 

Naturally, employer support for ACCA trainees and members is vital. Each year Howards invests to support our team. It’s all about helping people to achieve their full potential. So, we’re delighted that ACCA acknowledges our efforts. We enjoy ACCA accreditation in three key areas. 


Trainee development 

Firstly, ACCA is impressed with the learning opportunities our trainees receive. As a result, we hold Trainee Development, Platinum accreditation. This is the highest possible level. It acknowledges the breadth of assistance we offer. Typically, support targets achievement of ACCA’s Practical Experience Requirement. But we provide more. Additional help ensures our trainees complete the exams and ethics components of the ACCA Qualification. So they can become ACCA members. 


CPD opportunities 

Also, we’re committed to continuous professional development (CPD). We actively support employees who are ACCA members. Our aim is to help them fulfil their CPD obligations. Therefore, we’re delighted to be an ACCA Approved Employer – Professional Development. 


Practising certificate and audit 

Finally, ACCA accredits Howards as an ACCA Approved Employer – Practising Certificate Development. Under ACCA’s Global Practising Regulations, members must hold an appropriate practising certificate. Only then can they carry out practice work. It also permits them to be partners or directors of firms undertaking public practice. We’re committed to a comprehensive training and development programme. This benefits employees working towards the ACCA practising certificate. Plus, it supports those seeking and audit qualifications. 


Employer support for ACCA trainees and members  

At Howards we want the best for our team. This includes employees working towards ACCA qualifications. And qualified accountants undertaking CPD activities to maintain their ACCA membership. We support you all the way.