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We are living in unprecedented times as the Coronavirus spreads rapidly around the world. In the last few days we have seen the UK Government ramp up measures to delay the spread of the virus, which is happening faster than anticipated. This is creating great uncertainty for individuals and businesses.

Helping you be prepared

To help you be prepared we’d like to share with you some relevant information from our business continuity plan to ensure you are prepared for different scenarios and complying with government advice.

Contact us in the same way for ‘business as usual’

In the event of our office being closed, our telephone system has redirects in place so contact can still be made via the normal office number. Should the government announce that we need to work from home, our team are all set up to do so through our secure online portal. Our aim is to continue working as normal with as little disruption as possible.

Safe working practices

Any team members with symptoms of Coronavirus will be asked not to come into the office. Within the office hand sanitisers are available for everyone to use and extra cleaning regimes have been put in place also. Our office is employing ‘social distancing’ measures to help prevent the spread of infection and at the present time we have no reported cases of Coronavirus. We urge to do similar if you haven’t already done so.

Act early

We are urging clients to act early because if the last recession taught us anything, it is that cash flow is critical. This can be improved in different ways and we have a skilled team, who can advise you on profit improvement, cashflow forecasting, finance raising (through traditional and sometimes less obvious methods), and negotiation with HMRC. We genuinely hope that talk of recession is premature, but it is important to plan for it, long before business performance falls.

Adopt new ways of communicating

Whilst we can take steps to minimise the potential impact of Coronavirus this is not a time for us to become remote and we encourage you to try and adopt new communication channels, supported by conference call and video meeting technology (such as Skype or Zoom).

Send information to us electronically

We would ask that, where possible, you send any information to us digitally. This can be via email or using our Iris Openspace portal as most of you will already have an Openspace account. If it’s a problem to send us information electronically, please let us know.

Act quickly

We are unsure how long this uncertainty may last, but we would ask that you provide us with any records as soon as possible.

Keep checking our website

In addition to these measures, we would also like to reassure you that we will continue to comply with the government guidelines, as they evolve. Keep checking our website and social media as we will be sending out further details in due course as to how the government, HMRC and the banks are looking to support businesses in the current environment.

Read our full Letter to Clients here.

If you need any assistance at all, please do not hesitate to contact us or call 01785 243276