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The third round of the Culture Recovery Fund (CRF) is now available. The scheme supports organisations in the cultural, heritage and creative sectors. Initially, the money will support their preparations to reopen fully. Longer term? This extra government funding for the cultural sector could secure their futures.  


Organisations already benefitting from CRF  

The final tranche of CRF funding is £300million. Almost £220million will support organisations already in receipt of grants. They received help from the Culture Recovery Fund: Continuity Support programme.  


Organisations at risk of failure 

In addition, there is funding for organisations that have not received support. It targets those needing urgent assistance. Organisations which might not otherwise survive the pandemic. Support will come through the CRF’s Emergency Resource Support programme. 


Support for reopening  

As Covid restrictions relax further, the focus is reopening. The Government wants to help organisations with these preparations. Ultimately, the objective is to return to full capacity.  


Sustainable financial future 

Of course, long-term stability is key. Organisations will have to build for the future. So, the CRF will protect them through to the end of the year.  


Extra government funding for the cultural sector saves jobs 

To date the scheme’s impact is significant. More than 5,000 organisations have benefitted from CRF funding. Over £1.2 billion is supporting sites around the UK. Essentially, the funding is protecting livelihoods. The first round saved an estimated 75,000 jobs. The second supported around 52,000 full time jobs. Plus, it was a lifeline for almost 100,000 freelancers.   


Repair grants  

Indeed, round three of the CRF brings further good news. The package includes support for the Heritage Stimulus Fund (HSF). It will receive a further £35million. This brings total HSF funding to more than £80million. The money will support major programmes of work and repair grants for heritage sites at risk. 


Protecting the nation’s heritage  

The Government is also helping to safeguard heritage assets. It is putting £20million into the Cultural Asset Fund. All told, including funding from the National Heritage Memorial Fund’s COVID-19 Response Fund, this equates to £40million of support. It will protect the nation’s heritage from Covid-19’s impact.  


Further information 

See how you could benefit. Find out more about the Culture Recovery Fund. 


Extra government funding for the cultural sector is very welcome. Currently, we await details regarding the application process.