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To help protect local NHS staff from suffering skin damage through the repeated wearing of personal protective equipment (PPE), Howards has donated over 30 sets of hand creams and hydrating face masks to the Breast Care unit at Stafford and Stoke hospitals. This is enough for each frontline worker across the unit.

It’s well known that the PPE many health professionals are required to wear, often for prolonged periods, can cause pressure damage to facial skin. This results in redness and soreness around the eyes, nose and forehead. In addition, repeated washing can damage the skin on the hands.

Our own Richard Taylor has first-hand experience of this because his wife, Sarah, is an advanced assistant practitioner in the local Breast Care Department. The department is part of the University Hospitals of North Midlands (UHNM) NHS Trust and operates from Stafford County and Royal Stoke University Hospitals.

Although the hospitals have their own supply of PPE, which frontline staff have to wear, it can leave many with faces that are red raw and painful.

We really wanted to do something to look after NHS workers’ wellbeing so have donated over 30 care packages, each with a hand cream and a sheet mask. The sheet mask is a special hydrating wet mask. This serves to protect the skin if PPE is worn for long periods. There is also a hydrating hand cream to help soften and protect the hands.

Whilst it feels like it’s only a small thing in the midst of this crisis, it’s hugely important for us to do something to help this crucial local NHS service.