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A staggering cycle challenge by a postwoman in Weston, Staffordshire, and her husband – in which they rode to all the Premier League football stadiums in the UK in just nine days was undertaken.

Along with a number of other businesses we sponsored this incredible event, with the shirts worn by Donne and Steve Stone bearing our company logo. The couple’s Premiership Cycle Challenge saw them cycling a total of 1,119 miles in March to raise funds for two sudden cardiac arrest charities – The Heart of Weston and Cardiac Risk in the Young (CRY).

The Heart of Weston charity was founded in memory of brothers Chris and Steve Phillips who died of cardiac arrest: sudden adult death syndrome aged just 28 and 29. CRY provides support to families affected by the loss of a young person as a result of sudden cardiac death, which kills at least 12 people aged 14 to 35 every week in the UK.

Starting at West Bromwich Albion football club, Donna and Steve travelled to all 20 football stadiums of such clubs as Chelsea, Arsenal, Manchester City, Tottenham Hotspur, Leicester City, Swansea and Manchester United. The last venue the pair visited was Stoke City’s Britannia stadium after which they cycled to Weston to complete their trek and be greeted by a welcome home party in the village hall. A group of 20 cyclists – including two members of our team – joined Donna and Steve for the last leg.

Managing Director Matt Bailey commented on the cycling couple’s achievement: “What Donna and Steve did in just nine days is nothing short of amazing and we are absolutely delighted and honoured to have played a part in their success.

“These two charities do incredible things for people who have experienced terrible tragedies and Howards is more than happy to help them continue to run heart screening days, hold regular ‘how to use a defibrillator’ courses, provide blood pressure tests and ECGs for adults, offer emergency and general first aid training, support research into young sudden cardiac death and fund a bereavement support programme.”

We would urge everyone to help these great charities in any way possible!