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The new updated Howards app will keep you up to date with news on the business implications of covid-19 with push notifications delivered straight to your phone. There are also many other useful services that this business resource in your pocket offers.

Log receipts with ease

It’s even easier to log your receipts on the go, and in fewer steps. Your accountant at Howards can then download these as csv/zip files. This allows you to verify your expenses more easily and saves you sorting through piles of physical receipts. The new document scanner allows you to snap, scan and send your receipts easily and as PDFs, so that you can send these documents securely online straight to your accountant. 

Mileage tracker does it for you

And the new mileage tracker will now automatically track your journey when you start. All the data is synced to the cloud and a filter function allows you to export parts of your journey. So no more journeys missed and you can track and submit your expenses with ease to make sure you don’t miss out on any tax refund you can claim back. The tracker is automatically enabled to log yours journey when you begin, so you don’t have to remember to press start. It’s easy to use and you can easily switch to manual tracking in settings, if you need to

Easier and more intuitive to use

Overall, we have improved the design of the Howards app so that it is more intuitive and easier to use. There are many useful calculators for you to use including mortgage calculators, income and corporation tax, inheritance tax and company car calculator. With even clearer instructions to guide you through using them, you get access to what you need at your fingertips whenever you need it.


Cloud technology-enabled

In addition, we have made full use of cloud technology so that the app is faster than ever. Previously all data was stored on your device taking up space. It also meant that when you changed your device you lost your data. Now all your data is immediately available, is backed up securely and is faster to access.