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Howards MD Matt Bailey is back in his running shoes. As ever, it’s all in a good cause. He’s participating in a ‘virtual’ 5K fundraiser for brain tumour research.


Deadline: October 31

So, how does it work? Matt gets to choose the time and venue. The only proviso? He must complete the 5K run on October 31. And provide photographic evidence!


‘Virtual’ 5K fundraiser for brain tumour research

Once again, Matt is supporting his cousin, Victoria. Her brother Simeon died from a glioblastoma brain tumour. Through the SGB Charity Fund, a charitable foundation set up in Simeon’s memory, Victoria is aiming to raise £2,500. The ultimate goal? To help find a cure for brain cancer.


Supporting The Brain Tumour Charity

All monies will go to The Brain Tumour Charity. It leads the field in funding research into brain tumours. The charity offers families high level support. And it’s committed to finding new treatments. This vital work is driving change.


Unique challenge

For Victoria, the run represents a big milestone. It’s race number 50 of a unique 50by50 Challenge. It takes place on her father’s birthday. This is the year that Simeon would have turned 50.


50 to step up for ‘virtual’ 5K

Matt is part of a special team. The target is for 50 family members and friends to join in the ‘virtual’ 5K fundraiser for brain tumour research. All donations are welcome. If you can help, please go to: https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/victoria-burchell50.