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We work with you to find solutions that are cost-effective and we help you to implement them.


Your business may require a full audit or fall outside these requirements. Our accounts team will establish exactly what’s required then make sure your Annual Accounts are prepared and filed in conformity with statutory requirements.


We can save you the expense of employing under-used, under-qualified staff to fill the gap in your own skills and inclinations. A further benefit is that we can take a continuous, detached, independent overview of your way of doing business and make positive suggestions about how you might improve it.

Auto Enrolment

The Pensions Act 2008 brought about fundamental changes in pension law, introducing a legal requirement for employers to arrange and contribute to workers’ pensions. The Auto Enrolment regime began to be phased in from October 2012 and all employers will have to be registered with the Pensions Regulator by February 2018.


To detail the objectives of work required and draw up a mutually agreed timetable. We aim to involve you in the planning process and make sure you clearly understand our approach to your business. This ensures we cover any commercial areas that may be giving you cause for concern.


Paying your workforce timely and accurately is the first requirement of any business. Regardless of holidays, illness or overseas commitments, your staff need to be paid on time. We can do this for you, professionally, with a dedicated specialist team. We’ll ensure that staff queries are answered and acted upon in a prompt and professional manner.



We have a team of specialist tax consultants who ensure all legitimate allowances are maximised.

Corporate Tax Planning

The UK corporate tax system is complicated, has onerous reporting obligations, and severe penalties for non-compliance. By taking our professional advice, you will not only benefit from a reduced administrative burden but also have confidence that your business is maximising the tax relief and allowances that are available.

Self Assessment

Although the Inland Revenue has made it appear simple and easy to submit one’s own return, the fact of the matter is that it is a very complex process. With legislation changing regularly and severe penalties for errors or late submission, taking professional advice is often the best way forward.

Personal Tax Planning

By taking the professional advice of our team of tax specialists you will be confident in knowing that your tax affairs are both fully compliant and efficient.


This complex and evolving tax regime requires specialist knowledge and professional management. From submitting a quarterly return through to advising on VAT-efficient corporate structure, our experts are on hand to offer whatever level of guidance and support your business requires.

Corporate Finance

Corporate Finance

We pride ourselves on our flexibility and honesty and providing a first class service to our clients. We offer independent advice for all corporate finance activities.

Business plans and forecasts

Business planning is essential if you are to maximise the profit potential of your business. Howards offers a business planning service to help identify appropriate targets and set key measures for your company’s performance and profitability.

Raising finance

Whether starting up or expanding, choosing the right finance is imperative to maintaining a healthy business. Howards has long established contacts with many financiers including all the major banks, as well as independent finance houses, and can therefore work with your existing bankers or introduce new financiers.

Business valuations

If you are thinking of selling your business, how do you know how much to sell it for? Do you base your price on the amount of profit your business produces every year? Do you take into account future projections? What will it be worth next year ? Howards will help you answer all these questions and give you support and guidance.

Strategic Planning

Strategic Planning

Howards ensures its support and advice is tailored to meet the requirements of each of our business clients and to help improve your profits and growth.

Business growth

Whether you are an established business or start-up, our aim is to give you the practical advice your business needs for profitable growth and future success.

Board meetings

Howards will attend your board meetings, business meetings and strategy meetings. However you refer to them, we will make sure that you, your directors and managers keep focused on your goals. Howards will make sure that you, your directors and managers remain accountable for the actions and tasks allocated to them.

Commercial advice

Our experience of working closely with businesses in all kinds of sectors has allowed us a uniquely privileged position of being able to watch what makes organisations more or less successful. By drawing on those observations, we’re able to provide sound business advice with the clarity of vision only afforded to the outsider.

Exit strategy

Whether you are buying or selling a company, looking into financing, expansion, acquisitions or franchising, we are there to help.

Additonal Services

Additonal Services

Accounts software support

Whether you are a new starter or an established business it makes sense to concentrate your resources and skills on those aspects you know best. So what happens when a computer will not start or emails are not arriving as they should do? We can provide a support service to suit your needs, from a simple ‘as and when needed’ response to full preventative remote monitoring.

Company secretarial

Our highly experienced company secretarial service team will provide advice throughout the business lifecycle, from forming the company. You may be looking for a helping hand for busy periods, or interim support to cover the role of Company Secretary over a period of leave. Whatever you are looking for, Howards has the right solution for you.

Status and CIS protection

Our status and CIS protection team can assist and work with you to provide consultancy and insured solutions, to safeguard your business and protect your commercial relationships.

Capital allowances

You are busily filling in your business tax return, doing fine with the income and the expenses, but suddenly you are brought to a grinding halt in confusion. Capital allowances, what are they all about? Let Howards support and help you with the basics.

Research and development

We have assisted limited company clients in accessing R&D tax credits reliefs, let Howards help you maximise this area for you.

Tax enquiry insurance

With HMRC investigations happening more and more frequently tax investigations pose a risk and can be disruptive to you, this could be increased risk to your business. Ask us for how Tax investigation insurance works.

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